Viennese Café Culture

Viennese Café Culture

In the Austrian capital of Vienna, café culture is at its peak. The selection of coffee shops on offer is wonderful, and you won’t find anywhere in the world more relaxed and charming to stop for a drink, or an entire afternoon. It’s one of the best places we have found for café enthusiasts to visit and we highly recommend you try it!

There is a saying in Vienna that while visiting a café there, you consume time and space, but all that’s listed on the bill at the end is your drink. The idea is that cafés are places to spend time thinking and talking, not just getting refreshments. Following a long day, you’re made to feel welcome and relaxed, in a calm place where you can read quietly, contemplate the big questions and discuss it all with like-minded patrons.

In fact, while doing all this to your heart’s content, you really get a sense that some of the world’s biggest historical stories may have intertwined with the rich culture around Vienna and its cafés. It’s not hard to picture some of the great thinkers of Europe finding solace in the quaint streets and coffee shops here, inspiring them to create new ideas and make big changes in the world.

It’s also important to remember that it’s not all about the coffee. In fact, the traditional saying from earlier ought to be amended in our opinion, since the food in some of Vienna’s incredible cafés is a vital part of the full experience. Delicious pastries are a speciality here, and many are among the world’s absolute finest. If you’re heading into a cosy place for a drink, treat yourself to an apple strudel too and you won’t regret it.

There is never any rush, and staff will not treat you like just another source of profit to be served quickly and moved along. The idea of lining large corporations’ pockets is certainly out of the question – these quirky, independent cafés are almost everywhere and positively thriving. Thanks to the wonderful café culture in Vienna being embraced by so many, and going down well with tourists like us, we don’t think you need to worry too much about it becoming overwhelmed with big brand names any time soon. Hopefully it will stay just the way it is!

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