Unusual cafes in the UK

cereal cafesWe think it’s great that there are an increasing number of unique and interesting cafes popping up in the UK. There has been a boom in new businesses catering to different niche areas over the last few years, so here is a collection of some of our favourite ideas.

Cat cafes

This one has to be our top choice, as the idea of a cafe with added cats is simply inspired. cat cafesYou can find these in London, Newcastle, Edinburgh and Nottingham to name a few, and although they’re all completely independent each one has rave reviews. There’s nothing radical about the cafes themselves or the food and drink available, but the bonus of having friendly cats wandering around is enough to bring visitors flocking, and most of these have customers booking their slots weeks in advance (but we think it’s worth it).

Cereal cafes

The first of its kind in the UK was famously the Cereal Killer Cafe on Brick Lane in London, but now there are similar ventures all over the country. Cafes are offering exciting cereals from all over the world, along with chocolate bowls, special types of milk and many more fun options. There is even a porridge bar in Covent Garden offering savoury and sweet options in a variety of colours and flavours. The trend towards premium breakfast options has been linked to growing interest in healthy eating.

Junk food

In an effort to raise awareness of food waste, which is a controversial issue in the UK, the Real Junk Food Project led the way with this trend. They now have cafes all over the country specialising in food from allotments, food banks, restaurants, cafes, food photographers, events and functions, proving that ingredients close to their expiry dates or slightly damaged can still be made into excellent food. The chain uses a “pay what you want” model for everything it offers.


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