The World’s Most Expensive Drinks

Dalmore 62

It’s not unusual for most of us (especially in the UK, where we love to find a reason to moan) to grumble about having to pay over the odds for a drink every now and then, whether it’s a heavily branded coffee, a drink in a fancy bar or even just a bottle of water. But in this list, we’re not talking about a £2 bottle of Volvic in a train station. Try £2 million for a bottle of champagne! Here are the most expensive drinks you’re likely to find anywhere in the world.

Vieille Bon Secours Ale

If you expect beer to be among the cheapest alcoholic beverages wherever you go, think again. Belgian speciality Vieille Bon Secours Ale comes in at about £33 per pint, if you buy it from the brewery directly as a 12 litre bottle, which makes it the world’s most pricey. Its toffee-tinged taste, resulting from a decade of maturing, is said to be worth it!

Winston Cocktail

Now we get into the real big ticket drinks. The Winston is a high class cocktail that would probably make your average Cosmopolitan feel like a glass of dishwater. It’s a blend of several of the most expensive (and mostly French) drinks money can buy, resulting in a single serving that could set you back about £10,000.

Dalmore 62

For the whiskey drinkers out there, this highly coveted liquor is by far the most expensive edition in the world. That’s mostly down to its rarity, considering only 12 bottles were ever produced, but the price today is astronomical. We actually can’t be sure how much someone might pay for one of the remaining bottles, but the ticket price was over $200,000 USD, so in a private auction we’d expect that figure to skyrocket.

Diva Vodka

Maybe not the classiest drink on our list, but it earns its place thanks to its somewhat inexplicable $1 million price tag. Diva Vodka goes through a complex purification process, including being filtered through precious gems, because that makes perfect sense. We suspect much of the final price comes down to the multi-coloured Swarovski crystals included in the bottle, which are intended as a ridiculous garnish.

Tequila Ley .925

Let’s skip to the top of the list. You may be forgiven for thinking the world’s most expensive drink must be the finest tasting beverage money can buy. Surely a price tag of $3.5 million should buy you an incredible tasting experience like no other? Unfortunately, we have no way of knowing it since it has never been purchased. The diamond-encrusted, diamond-filled bottles, however many of them there may be, all remain sat on a shelf somewhere. Perhaps you’ll be the first to order one and find out for yourself?

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