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The rise of cafe culture in the UK

The rise of cafe culture in the UKIn recent years, there has been rapid development of cafe culture in the United Kingdom. This has gone beyond the popular high street coffee chains that have been able to make good names for themselves. This rapid rise of café culture has been enhanced by those cafes which have been able to change and meet the specific needs of the customers, who end up spending more and more time (and money) in those cafes.

The most successful examples encourage their visitors to stay longer by creating a quality experience from start to finish. However, the food and drink available are still vitally important and many cafes have opted to cater to niche markets. For instance, you will come across a lot cafes specialising in ice cream, freshly made smoothies, coffee cocktails and many others. This is what has led to development of the café culture, not only in the UK but around the world. (more…)