Mobile food and drink services you didn’t know existed

We love finding new and exciting services that are still emerging in the UK. As much as we love the traditional approach when it comes to cafes and restaurants, it’s important to embrace new trends too. With modern lifestyles getting faster every day, everything needs to be on the move and that’s why we’ve seen an increase in mobile businesses that are able to move to where the action is.

Lots of companies have cropped up offering mobile food and drink services for events and functions, which is a great idea for the businesses hiring them who want to create a unique experience for their visitors. Big brands sometimes use pop-up stands and trailers for promotional purposes in city centres and so on, but at smaller conventions and outdoor events it might be a great idea to hire something similar from a specialist.

For example, did you know you can hire your own concession stands to handle the catering at your event?

cafe santiago mobile coffee vanA great option for public and private events might be mobile coffee van hire for which our favourite choice would be Cafe Santiago. Operating across the UK from London, they offer an amazing service with everything you could need from a cafe, all supplied directly at your event. Whether you need to make use of their awesome mobile vans or need a bigger stand set up, the options on offer here are great for a range of requirements.

Peppermint Bars & Events offer a wide selection of food types. You can choose from Italian, American, Japanese and of course British cuisine among many other options, or you can even take it further than a trailer and opt for a full pop-up restaurant. These ideas all bring a sense of fun to your event and let your visitors try something they might not have had the chance to otherwise.

food lovers delightAnother alternative is Food Lovers Delight, offering a great range of catering facilities that are all completely mobile, so you can have fresh fish and chips, burgers or even a full Chinese selection served at your event. This is a great service offering real traditional food options to a high standard.

There are also many more great options available, not only for food and drink van hire, but many of these companies also offer activities and much more to make your events stand out. We think these unique services are a great way of ensuring your visitors can enjoy all the benefits of a great venue wherever you’re hosting an event.

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