Fun food delivery services

tea deliveryThe food and drink industry is still firmly based around physical locations that people can visit and enjoy, including cafes and restaurants. However, food is set to become the latest industry to see “on demand” services becoming the norm, as soon as our infrastructures can support the model. At the moment most of the services already available are focused on the higher end of the market, which makes sense due to the high costs involved while this remains on a relatively small scale. Not all of these are available in the UK at the moment, but they have seen some success around the world and might be the next trend here!


This is a simple but clever one, as so many people don’t have time to get a proper breakfast in the morning. Cereal and muesli delivery services like Yousli in Australia allow you to be very specific about what you want to start your day with, including gluten-free and high-fibre options.


Another less healthy breakfast option is having bacon delivered to your door, offered in the UK by Cure and Simple. They vacuum pack their pork for posting and even spray it with dog repellent to ensure it doesn’t get eaten by your pet on arrival. They offer different subscription packages depending on how often you need bacon to appear on your doorstep.

Tea and coffee

Maybe not too surprising, but this is one you’re fairly sure to find in your area even if the stranger businesses haven’t reached you yet. There are a host of choices already in the UK for having tea and coffee delivered to your home, ensuring you never run out again. They tend to be on the expensive side, usually costing around £10-20 per month, but most of the products on offer are quite high end.


This one isn’t too common, but in New York City recently, taxi service Uber teamed up with Lays (or Walkers as we know them) to offer sandwiches, drinks and snacks delivered by cyclists. It was all promoted through social media and was more of a stunt than a service, but why haven’t we get this in the UK sooner?


These are some of our favourite biscuits, if we’re not considering our favourite independent cafes and bakeries of course, so why wouldn’t you want to send a friend or family member a tiny package full of them? This has been trialled in America on a limited basis but Oreo might decide to roll this out in the UK too.

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