Different types of tea


If you’re thinking of getting started with drinking tea, you may realise that there are plenty of choices available out there. With so many options, you may feel overwhelmed. So to help you get started, we have narrowed down the main types of tea.

Black Tea

Black teas are known to be the most common type of tea. It contains two type of antioxidants that are good for lowering your cholesterols. They are typically packaged either in a tea bag or tea blends. Most people would drink them with milk or sugar.


Oolong teas are mainly popular in Asia, especially in China and Taiwan. These types of teas also come in different flavours from robust, light and sweet. You can often find them in Asian stores if you are living in the UK. This type of tea is usually taken on its own due to its delicate flavour.

Green Tea

Green teas are becoming a popular choice by many due to its health benefits. You would normally drink green tea on its own or some would prefer to mix them with honey for a sweeter flavouring. Depending on the brands, you’ll find that each green teas have their unique taste. It’s also been to known to help with losing weight.

Flavored Fruit Teas

If you’re into trying out new taste or you like the fruity flavour, then this type of tea would be ideal. You can choose from peach, orange, berries, spices and so much more.

White Teas

White teas are mostly consumed in China. They are not as popular as green tea, but it’s known to be the healthiest tea out of them all. This type of tea is the rawest as they are not processed compared to other teas. Even though the tea is pure, the taste still contains a subtle sweetness to it.

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