Different types of coffee machines

coffee beans

Coffee beans can be prepared in different types of machines from manual to automatic. Each machine has their style and can give different results in taste and colour. Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the entire globe; it’s no wonder why there are various types of coffee machines available. Let’s take a look at some coffee machines that are available on the market.


A pod coffee machine is an automatic machine that is now mainly used by many coffee chains including Starbucks. What’s special about this machine is that it has a top pod container where you can store the coffee beans, and it can create a coffee within minutes, each cup of coffee is said to be produced with the exact same taste!

Automatic Drip

The auto coffee drip machine is now the most used machine in the market due to improving efficiency, and it’s a straightforward and easy way of making a cup of coffee. The device is very simple to use, all you need to do is pour in a fresh water into the machine. After, pour in the coffee beans into a filter with the holder and attach it to the machine. Finally press start and within a few minutes, your brewed coffee is ready to be served. Pret A Manger and many other coffee chains use the same machine to provide fresh coffees for their customers.

French Press

A French press maker is a manual machine that takes a lot more work when preparing coffee. The machine consists of a pot made out of glass partnered with a mesh plunger that’s used as a filter. The first step is to measure the grounded beans into the pot and pour a boiling water on top. Next step is to use the plunger to push the beans forward while the liquid pours down to the coffee cup.


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