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luxury dining

Food is something many of us take for granted, even if we do enjoy it. We like to discover more unusual and exciting ideas, exploring the different ways people have found to enjoy food as well as cafe and restaurant culture. We also think that great eating experiences don’t have to cost a huge amount of money most of the time! However, that’s not to say that we don’t recommend indulging in some truly luxurious treats from time to time. Here are some of our favourite brands, products and places if you’re looking for a unique gourmet experience.

Siberian & Russian Caviar

You may know that caviar is becoming more of an everyday food in a sense, despite its traditional opulent connotations. Even supermarkets offer basic iterations of the famous delicacy, but the true luxury brands are still well worth the investment. For example, the Royal Siberian caviar and the Russian sturgeon caviar called Royal Oscietra Caviar are among the best we have found in the UK. (more…)