Food Delivery

Advantages of signing up to restaurant and food deliveries

ingredientsRestaurant deliveries are created for people who have a very busy life and does not have time to prepare and cook their own meal. It’s convenient for people who aren’t good at cooking or simply have no time. There are even businesses today who prepares your ingredients for you and delivered to your door. This could be ideal if you are also looking into improving your cooking skills. Let’s take a look at the other reasons why you should try these type of services.

Cook like a pro

Food services will specifically prepare your all your ingredients ready for you to cook. They will provide you with the exact amount of ingredients you need. They also provide you with a list of recipes that you can easily follow step by step. This is a perfect way to learn how to cook a full meal as they provide methods that are very detailed.

Healthy ingredients

They will supply you with fresh and healthy ingredients right at your doorstep. It’s a perfect way of keeping a healthy diet. Their ingredients are also well thought out as they ensure that you have all the nutrition you need on one plate! This includes your carbohydrates, foods and vegetables that are full of good nutrients.

Variety of meals

There are plenty of restaurants which serves different types of food so you will always have a variety of meals that you can try during the week. It’s also the same when ordering your ingredients as they would generally provide you with different kinds of recipes including Chinese, Korean, Indian, Mexican and so much more.

Save time

Last but not the least, you will save plenty of time shopping, preparing and cooking! This means you can have more time on working on your tasks or spending time with your friends and family.

Fun food delivery services

tea deliveryThe food and drink industry is still firmly based around physical locations that people can visit and enjoy, including cafes and restaurants. However, food is set to become the latest industry to see “on demand” services becoming the norm, as soon as our infrastructures can support the model. At the moment most of the services already available are focused on the higher end of the market, which makes sense due to the high costs involved while this remains on a relatively small scale. Not all of these are available in the UK at the moment, but they have seen some success around the world and might be the next trend here!


This is a simple but clever one, as so many people don’t have time to get a proper breakfast in the morning. Cereal and muesli delivery services like Yousli in Australia allow you to be very specific about what you want to start your day with, including gluten-free and high-fibre options.


Another less healthy breakfast option is having bacon delivered to your door, offered in the UK by Cure and Simple. They vacuum pack their pork for posting and even spray it with dog repellent to ensure it doesn’t get eaten by your pet on arrival. They offer different subscription packages depending on how often you need bacon to appear on your doorstep. (more…)

Mobile food and drink services you didn’t know existed

We love finding new and exciting services that are still emerging in the UK. As much as we love the traditional approach when it comes to cafes and restaurants, it’s important to embrace new trends too. With modern lifestyles getting faster every day, everything needs to be on the move and that’s why we’ve seen an increase in mobile businesses that are able to move to where the action is.

Lots of companies have cropped up offering mobile food and drink services for events and functions, which is a great idea for the businesses hiring them who want to create a unique experience for their visitors. Big brands sometimes use pop-up stands and trailers for promotional purposes in city centres and so on, but at smaller conventions and outdoor events it might be a great idea to hire something similar from a specialist.

For example, did you know you can hire your own concession stands to handle the catering at your event?

cafe santiago mobile coffee vanA great option for public and private events might be mobile coffee van hire for which our favourite choice would be Cafe Santiago. Operating across the UK from London, they offer an amazing service with everything you could need from a cafe, all supplied directly at your event. Whether you need to make use of their awesome mobile vans or need a bigger stand set up, the options on offer here are great for a range of requirements. (more…)

Food and alcohol delivery services – what about your business?

waffle deliveryOf course we don’t think there’s any substitute for the atmosphere of a great cafe or restaurant where you can enjoy the full experience that goes with your food and drink. However, everything about the modern world and the constant growth of online shopping is centred around convenience, so it’s no surprise that food and alcohol delivery services are on the rise. More akin to online shopping than local takeaway services, many of these services can cater to the whole of the UK within 24 hours, and some of them can deliver within hours.

Small businesses that were quick off the mark have done well in this relatively new market, but even giants like Amazon have stepped into the fray now. Amazon Prime Now has been trialled across the UK over the past couple of years, starting off in London and now covering several major cities. Although reports vary about whether they’re actually able to stick to the advertised speed, in theory food and drink deliveries are arranged within less than an hour. The infrastructure is still being developed with this, so in the meantime we still don’t have a universal service that can deliver anything we want immediately, although it may only be a few years away. For now the market belongs to those businesses that have been able to take over a specific niche. (more…)