Different types of tea


If you’re thinking of getting started with drinking tea, you may realise that there are plenty of choices available out there. With so many options, you may feel overwhelmed. So to help you get started, we have narrowed down the main types of tea.

Black Tea

Black teas are known to be the most common type of tea. It contains two type of antioxidants that are good for lowering your cholesterols. They are typically packaged either in a tea bag or tea blends. Most people would drink them with milk or sugar.


Oolong teas are mainly popular in Asia, especially in China and Taiwan. These types of teas also come in different flavours from robust, light and sweet. You can often find them in Asian stores if you are living in the UK. This type of tea is usually taken on its own due to its delicate flavour.

Green Tea

Green teas are becoming a popular choice by many due to its health benefits. You would normally drink green tea on its own or some would prefer to mix them with honey for a sweeter flavouring. Depending on the brands, you’ll find that each green teas have their unique taste. It’s also been to known to help with losing weight.

Flavored Fruit Teas

If you’re into trying out new taste or you like the fruity flavour, then this type of tea would be ideal. You can choose from peach, orange, berries, spices and so much more.

White Teas

White teas are mostly consumed in China. They are not as popular as green tea, but it’s known to be the healthiest tea out of them all. This type of tea is the rawest as they are not processed compared to other teas. Even though the tea is pure, the taste still contains a subtle sweetness to it.

8 steps to creating a good cup of coffee


For many coffee addicts, you might think that you’ve been making a good cup of coffee, but the truth is, you can always better the taste of your coffee simply by going through the steps below.

Step One – Quality Beans

Your coffee beans must always be in high quality. Try not to buy your beans from a local supermarket and invest on buying from a local or independent coffee shops which are likely to have fresh quality beans.

Step Two – Storage

Now that you have bought a pack of high-quality beans make sure to remove them from the bag and transfer it to an airtight container to prevent the beans from going flat or stale. Keep them in the dark and cool place in your cupboard area.

Step Three – Grind

Your beans must be pressed and grind properly. Good ground beans should feel similar to powdered sugar. The beans should only be grinded when you’re about to use it. If the beans are grounded in advance and stored, then they are likely to go stale.

Step Four – Measure

Have the correct measurement! You should use approximately 22 grams of coffee beans to every 8oz of cold water.

Step Five – Precise Temperature

When brewing, make sure the temperature is between 195-205 degrees. The type of water you use can also make a difference. The best water to use is a fresh, clean tap water or a spring water.

Step Six – Cooling

Be sure to let your coffee cool to 170 degrees as this is the best temperature to drink your coffee without burning your tongue!

Step Seven – Try it Black

Now that you have followed the previous steps, your coffee won’t taste bitter, so it is safe to drink it black as you will discover that you’ve just created an excellent cup of coffee.

Step Eight – Rinse and Repeat

The next morning, repeat the steps, and you should always have a good cup of coffee to start the day!

The World’s Most Expensive Drinks

Dalmore 62

It’s not unusual for most of us (especially in the UK, where we love to find a reason to moan) to grumble about having to pay over the odds for a drink every now and then, whether it’s a heavily branded coffee, a drink in a fancy bar or even just a bottle of water. But in this list, we’re not talking about a £2 bottle of Volvic in a train station. Try £2 million for a bottle of champagne! Here are the most expensive drinks you’re likely to find anywhere in the world.

Vieille Bon Secours Ale

If you expect beer to be among the cheapest alcoholic beverages wherever you go, think again. Belgian speciality Vieille Bon Secours Ale comes in at about £33 per pint, if you buy it from the brewery directly as a 12 litre bottle, which makes it the world’s most pricey. Its toffee-tinged taste, resulting from a decade of maturing, is said to be worth it!

Winston Cocktail

Now we get into the real big ticket drinks. The Winston is a high class cocktail that would probably make your average Cosmopolitan feel like a glass of dishwater. It’s a blend of several of the most expensive (and mostly French) drinks money can buy, resulting in a single serving that could set you back about £10,000. (more…)

Online alcohol delivery services

order alcohol onlineAlthough we think it’s important to support local bars and cafes, online businesses offering delivery in their local area also deserve a lot of praise for bringing original ideas to the market in a new way that’s simply aimed at giving people a great experience. Online food and drink delivery is growing, and one of the areas we’ve noticed rising fast is alcohol delivery. It’s convenient and quick, so it’s no surprise plenty of people are catching on. These are some of the top services available in the UK right now.

1) Amazon

If you don’t need your alcohol delivered on the same day, Amazon probably has the widest selection. As we all know, they have a massive infrastructure in the UK that allows Amazon Prime customers to get delivery within 24 hours on a huge range of products including drinks, plus they have been testing Prime Now which allows for delivery in only a few hours. It’s probably the best choice if you’re good value on a wide range of drinks and you’re happy to wait a little while for your delivery.


Mobile food and drink services you didn’t know existed

We love finding new and exciting services that are still emerging in the UK. As much as we love the traditional approach when it comes to cafes and restaurants, it’s important to embrace new trends too. With modern lifestyles getting faster every day, everything needs to be on the move and that’s why we’ve seen an increase in mobile businesses that are able to move to where the action is.

Lots of companies have cropped up offering mobile food and drink services for events and functions, which is a great idea for the businesses hiring them who want to create a unique experience for their visitors. Big brands sometimes use pop-up stands and trailers for promotional purposes in city centres and so on, but at smaller conventions and outdoor events it might be a great idea to hire something similar from a specialist.

For example, did you know you can hire your own concession stands to handle the catering at your event?

cafe santiago mobile coffee vanA great option for public and private events might be mobile coffee van hire for which our favourite choice would be Cafe Santiago. Operating across the UK from London, they offer an amazing service with everything you could need from a cafe, all supplied directly at your event. Whether you need to make use of their awesome mobile vans or need a bigger stand set up, the options on offer here are great for a range of requirements. (more…)

Food and alcohol delivery services – what about your business?

waffle deliveryOf course we don’t think there’s any substitute for the atmosphere of a great cafe or restaurant where you can enjoy the full experience that goes with your food and drink. However, everything about the modern world and the constant growth of online shopping is centred around convenience, so it’s no surprise that food and alcohol delivery services are on the rise. More akin to online shopping than local takeaway services, many of these services can cater to the whole of the UK within 24 hours, and some of them can deliver within hours.

Small businesses that were quick off the mark have done well in this relatively new market, but even giants like Amazon have stepped into the fray now. Amazon Prime Now has been trialled across the UK over the past couple of years, starting off in London and now covering several major cities. Although reports vary about whether they’re actually able to stick to the advertised speed, in theory food and drink deliveries are arranged within less than an hour. The infrastructure is still being developed with this, so in the meantime we still don’t have a universal service that can deliver anything we want immediately, although it may only be a few years away. For now the market belongs to those businesses that have been able to take over a specific niche. (more…)