Best Street Food In London

If you find yourself in the capital and you want to try some of the world-famous food on offer, you might realise that the very best restaurants are way out of your price range. That doesn’t mean you’re stuck with the same old fast food options, though. London is the ideal place to find unique and quirky cafes, hidden gem restaurants and, of course, street food!

If you’re not sure where to start given the massive range of options that are always available, take a look at some of our favourite suggestions…

Bao – Netil Market

This Taiwanese outlet is run by a small family who have gone on to open an extremely popular restaurant following the success of their market stall. It’s a short menu, but there’s simply not much you could do to pack these these steamed buns with more fresh and flavourful ingredients. Don’t forget to try the most upmarket soya-milk chicken nuggets you’ll find in the city.

Bleecker St – Old Spitalfield Market

This fantastic burger joint was set up by a former lawyer who was inspired by the street food of New York City, and now sells her own version of those messy-but-delicious burgers from her truck in central London. You’ll spend less than you would in a fashionable restaurant, and probably enjoy the food a lot more.

Mother Clucker – Ely’s Yard

If you’re a fan of fried chicken but the taste of the same old KFC recipe has lost its appeal, you’ll find a significant upgrade on the streets of London if you visit Mother Clucker. The inventive vegetable sides they serve are impressive enough, but the chicken simply can’t be beaten.

Victoria Good Food Market

Everything available at this unique street food hub will most likely have you coming back for more. Some of the best fish and chips in the city is available here on a regular basis, as well as incredible offerings from around the world including Chinese, Indian, Italian, Brazilian specialists.

Global Kitchen – Camden

Looking for the best Camden has to offer? Perhaps the most famous area of London for street food also has a few disappointing offerings thrown into the mix, but if you head for the Global Kitchen you’ll be guaranteed an extremely high standard of street cooking across a range of exotic options.

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