8 steps to creating a good cup of coffee


For many coffee addicts, you might think that you’ve been making a good cup of coffee, but the truth is, you can always better the taste of your coffee simply by going through the steps below.

Step One – Quality Beans

Your coffee beans must always be in high quality. Try not to buy your beans from a local supermarket and invest on buying from a local or independent coffee shops which are likely to have fresh quality beans.

Step Two – Storage

Now that you have bought a pack of high-quality beans make sure to remove them from the bag and transfer it to an airtight container to prevent the beans from going flat or stale. Keep them in the dark and cool place in your cupboard area.

Step Three – Grind

Your beans must be pressed and grind properly. Good ground beans should feel similar to powdered sugar. The beans should only be grinded when you’re about to use it. If the beans are grounded in advance and stored, then they are likely to go stale.

Step Four – Measure

Have the correct measurement! You should use approximately 22 grams of coffee beans to every 8oz of cold water.

Step Five – Precise Temperature

When brewing, make sure the temperature is between 195-205 degrees. The type of water you use can also make a difference. The best water to use is a fresh, clean tap water or a spring water.

Step Six – Cooling

Be sure to let your coffee cool to 170 degrees as this is the best temperature to drink your coffee without burning your tongue!

Step Seven – Try it Black

Now that you have followed the previous steps, your coffee won’t taste bitter, so it is safe to drink it black as you will discover that you’ve just created an excellent cup of coffee.

Step Eight – Rinse and Repeat

The next morning, repeat the steps, and you should always have a good cup of coffee to start the day!

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